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79 Publications by Prof Gatrad in peer reviewed International Journals over 40 years – 1975 to 2014

Co-authored book – now forms basis of a lot of what is taught to undergraduate nurses and doctors. Launched at the House of Lords

Co-authored book – now forms basis of a lot of what is taught to undergraduate nurses and doctors. Launched at the House of Lords

Medical topics of particular interest to patients and doctors in primary care (4 Papers)

  1. Persistent crying in babies. BMJ; 2004;328:330 – Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  2. A Baby with an abnormal shaped head. BMJ 2014 348:f7609 – Gatrad A, Solanki AG, Sheikh.
  3. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A. blood stained nappy. BMJ 2012; 344:e3496.p45
  4. Limping Child – Gatrad AR, Muhammad BJ, Sheikh A (submitted to the BMJ – 2014)

International Papers and Journals acknowledging Prof Gatrad’s work, Locally, Nationally and internationally (5 papers)

  1. Profile of A R Gatrad by Peter Cross. Keeping up the tradition. Profile BMJ Careers 14/2/04:68
  2. Equipment donation to developing countries Forword by Prince Andrew. Anaesthesia 2007 62:90-95. Gatrad AR, Gatrad, Sabina, Gatrad Adam
  3. A cross-cultural paediatrician 15 minutes with … Salman Kahan speaks to A R Gatrad BMJ Careers 12/6/2010
  4. Cross cultural medical care in the UK. Student BMJ 2010 Vol18:27. Gatrad A.
  5. Our waste – their lifeline. BMJ Careers 2003:12. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A, Rostill J.

Papers of general medical interest (33 Papers)

  1. Dystonic reactions to Metochlopromide. Dev. Med & Child Neuro1976; 18:767-769 Gatrad AR.
  2. Securing haemostasis during umbilical catheterisation in a neonate. Arch Dis Child. Gatrad AR, Gatrad H. 1979;54:166-167
  3. Familial incidence of dystonic reactions to metoclopramide (Maxolon). Br J Clin Pract. 1979;33(4):111,115 Gatrad AR, Gatrad H.
  4. The association of choledochus cyst with congenital hepatic fibrosis. Br J Clin Pract – 1979:33(6):182,184. Gatrad AR, Gatrad H.
  5. Congenital dislocation of the knees in a child with Down-Mosaic Turner Syndrome. J Med Genet 1981;18(2):148-51.
  6. Dangers of intravenous diazepam in controlling fits in patients with raised intracranial pressure. Br J Clin Pract 1982;36(5): 189- 91. Gatrad AR
  7. Cretinism as a cause of respiratory distress in a neonate. Br J Clin Pract 1982;36(4):164-5. Gatrad AR
  8. Consanguinity and complex cardiac anomalies with situs ambiguous. Arch Dis Child 1984;59: 242-245. Gatrad AR, Read, Watson.
  9. Injections and Asian children. Arch. Dis. Childhood 1986; 61:208. Gatrad AR.
  10. Blood lead, Ethnic origin and lead exposure. Arch.Dis.Childhood 1988; 63:973-975. Gatrad AR et al.
  11. Ethnic groups and congenital malformations – Biology and Society. Journal of Eugenic Society March 1988; 5(1):
  12. Hepatitis B Vaccine in the prevention of perinatally transmitted hepatitis B Virus Infection. Journal of Med virology. 1990; 30:113-116. Wheely S, Boxall E, Gatrad AR et al.
  13. Prevention of Perinatal Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus:A comparison of two prophylactic schedules. Journal of Med virology. 1991; 35:212-215. Wheely S, Gatrad AR et al
  14. Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the new born associated with hypercalcaemia. J Roy Soc Med 1994;87:482-83. Lewis HM, Gatrad AR et al.
  15. Pre-school weights of European and five subgroups of Asians in Britain. Arch Dis Child. 1994;71:207-210. Gatrad et al.
  16. Comparison of Asian and English non-attenders at a hospital outpatients department. Arch Dis Child. 1997:77:423-426. Gatrad AR.
  17. A completed Audit to reduce hospital outpatients non-attendance rates. Arch Dis. Child 2000.82:59-61. Gatrad AR.
  18. Promoting blood donation among British Muslims. BMJ 2003; 326: 1152 Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  19. Children and young families. In Ethnicity, Health and Primary Care: Joe Kai Chapter 16 :151-159. Gatrad AR, Sheikh ATranscultural Medicine – Treating Muslim Patients. Pulse Magazine – October 13th 2003, 63 (41):74-75. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  20. A Risk factors for HIV/AIDS in Muslim communities. DHSC J 2004:165-69. Gatrad AR, Sheikh.
  21. Success in tackling deafness with multi-faceted interventions. Arch Dis Child 2005;90:443-444. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  22. A Patient Choice in medicine taking: religious sensitivities must be respected. Arch Dis Child 2005;90:983-84. Gatrad AR, Mynors G, Hunt P, Sheikh.
  23. Consultations for minority groups. BMJ Vol 337:51-52 2008. Sheikh A, Gatrad A, DHAMI
  24. One last puff BMJ 2007 vol 335:20. Gatrad A R, Gatrad Adam, Sheikh A.
  25. Multicutural Paediatrics In Bannon/ Ch 35 p527-539. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.Smokeless Tobacco use by South Asian youth in the UK. Lancet 2008 372:97-98. Gatard A, Panesar S, Sheikh A. (
  26. The Physician Assistant. Would the US model meet the needs of the NHS. BMJ 18/1/2002. Gatrad AR.
  27. Summer-winter switching of Ramadan Fasts in people with diabetes. Diabetic Medicine. 2012, 29,696-97. Ghouri N, Gatrad R, Sattar N, Dhami s, Sheikh A.
  28. Safeguarding children in madrassahs – a way forward. J Diversity in Health and care. 2011;8;67-70. Gatrad AR, McGee P, Sheikh A.
  29. Commentary on paper on Deafness by Yoong et al. Arch Dis Child 2004. Gatrad A, Sheikh A.
  30. Culturally sensitive care for the dying is a basic human right. BMJ 1999: 319:1073
  31. Medical Ethics and Islam: Principles and practice. Arch. Dis. Child., 2001;84(1):72-75. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  32. Comparison of birth weight of UK European and S Asian Infants – a 20 year follow on study . Journal of Neonatology vol 26 No4 Oct-Dec2012 P1-4 Sinha G, Gatrad A R et al.
  33. Midface anomaly in a neonate: Nasal-ethmoidal meningocoele – Archives of Dis In Child (In Press 2014). Gatrad AR, Patel S.

Hajj (7 Papers)

  1. The Hajj. BMJ 2011. 343:d5593doi. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A. 3557caf8028b
  2. Vaccinations for Hajj. J Roya Soc for promotion of Hlth 2006:126(2) 68-69. Shafi S, Gatrad AR, et al. and risk of blood borne infections. Arch. Dis. Child, 2001:8(4):375. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  3. Reducing health risks for British Muslim pilgrims. BMJ 2002; 324:301. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A, Khan AR.
  4. A Hajj: journey of a lifetime. BMJ 2005; 330 :133-137. Gatrad AR, Sheikh
  5. A Hajj and risk of Influenza. BMJ. 2006,333:182-83. Gatrad A, Shuja S, Memish ZA, Sheikh
  6. Hajj 2006. Communicable disease and other health risks with current official guidance for pilgrims. Travel forum 2006/7 P18/19. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  7. Health Advice to Pilgrims for Hajj and Umrah

Chaplaincy (5 papers)

  1. Multifaith chaplaincy. Lancet 2003 362 Aug 30th. P 748. Gatrad AR, Sadiq R, Sheikh A.
  2. Developing multi-faith chaplaincy. Arch Dis Child 2004;89:504-505. Gatrad AR, Brown E, Sheikh A.
  3. The myth of multifaith chaplaincy: a national survey of hospital chaplaincy departments in England and Wales. DHSC J 2004;1:93-97. SheikhA, Gatrad AR, Sheikh U, Panesar SS, Shafi S.
  4. Hospital Chaplaincy units show bias towards Christianity. BMJ 2004; 329:626 Sheikh A, Gatrad A R, Sheikh U, Panesar SS, Shuja
  5. Palliative care and end of life issues (Hindus Muslims and Sikhs) and Islamic Ethics

General papers on Palliative care for S Asians (3 Papers)

  1. The language of religious symbolism: Rendering visible the invisible. In Palliative Care for S Asians: Hindus Muslims and Sikhs. Ed Gatrad &Sheikh London Quay books 2007. p27-29. Gatrad AR, Gatrad Sabina.
  2. child Health Policy: Palliative care for S Asians. March 2007 p12
  3. Palliative care needs of minorities. BMJ 2003; 327 :176-177. Gatrad A R, Sheikh A, Brown E, Notta H .

Palliative care for Muslims (6 Papers)

  1. Commentary to Ethical decisions in a Muslim community to ‘do not resuscitate orders’. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. 2002;86:F115-119. Gatrad AR.
  2. Reorientation of care in the NICU:A Muslim perspective. Seminars in neonatal and fetal medicine 2008 Gatrad A R, Muhammad B J, Sheikh A
  3. Muslim Customs surrounding death, bereavement, post-mortems and organ transplantation. BMJ 1994: 309: 521-523. Gatrad AR. The Muslim Grande Narrative. In Palliative Care for S Asians: Hindus Muslims and Sikhs. Ed Gatrad & Sheikh London Quay books 2007. Ch 3 p31-38. Gatrad AR, Gatrad Sabina.
  4. Some Aspects of Muslim culture and cancer in the UK. Paediatrics Today. 1997: 5:66-67. Gatrad AR.
  5. Palliative Care for Muslims and Issues before death. International Journal of Palliative Nursing November 2002; 8 :526-531. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  6. Palliative Care for Muslims and Issues after death. International Journal of Palliative Nursing2002: 8:594-597. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.

Palliative Care for Hindus (1 Paper)

  1. Palliative Care for Hindus. International Journal of Palliative Nursing 2003;9 10):442-448. GATRAD A R, CHOUDHURY P, BROWN E, SHEIKH A.

Palliative Care for Sikhs (1 Paper)

  1. Palliative Care for Sikhs. International Journal of Palliative Nursing November 2003 Volume 9 No 11 496-498. Gatrad A R, Panesar SS, Browne E, Notta H, Sheikh A

General Cultural Papers relating to S Asians around birth (3 Papers)

  1. Comparison of length of gestation, older siblings and maternal Ages in five subgroups of Asians and Europeans. Paediatrics Today. 1997: 5:84-87. Gatrad AR.
  2. Cultural awareness audit amongst student midwives. Paediatrics Today. 1997: 5:82-83. Gatrad AR.
  3. Bees and honey in the Quran. Bee Craft June 2002 Vol 84 No 6 page 22. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A

Muslim Birth Customs (7 Papers)

  1. Faith and Health: Caring for the Muslim patient. Update 2000;60:232-238. Gatrad AR.
  2. Muslim Birth Customs. The Practising Midwife, 2001:4:10-13. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  3. Muslim birth customs. Arch. Dis. Child., 2001:84(1):F6-F8. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  4. Understanding Muslim customs: A practical guide for health professionals. In Recent Advances in Paediatrics Ed. David T J. Royal Society of Medicine 2002 Chapter 11:151-166. Gatrad AR, Sheikh A.
  5. Muslim birth practice. Midwifery Best Practice 2. Ed Sarah Wickham. Elsevier. 2004: Section 4.4 :78-81. Sheikh A, Gatrad A R.
  6. Attitudes and beliefs of Muslim mothers towards pregnancy and infancy. Arch Dis Child 1994: 71: 170-174. Gatrad AR.
  7. Medical implications of Islam for women and children. Mat Child Health. 1994:19 225-227. Gatrad AR.


  1. Promoting safer male circumcisions for British Muslims. DHSC J 2005; 2 (1): 37-40 Gatrad A R, Khan A, Shafi S, Sheikh A.
  2. Religious Circumcision and the Human Rights Act. Arch Dis Child Feb 2002: 86; 76-78 Gatrad AR, Sheikh A, Jacks H.

HINDU Birth Customs (1 Paper)

  1. Hindu Birth Customs. Arch Dis Child 2004,16.09.04 20:31:35. Gatrad A R, Ray M, Sheikh A

SIKH Birth Customs (1 Paper)

  1. Sikh Birth Customs. Arch Dis Child 2005;90:560-63. Gatrad A R, Jhutti –Johal J, Gill PS, Sheikh A.